Small city map build

This is my first map build so some things I’m sure are not up to par and I’m mostly trying to get the main base idea built. Bit her are some pictures of what I have done so far. Thanks for your time.


I’m not sure what the last build is supposed to be but the marble material doesn’t seem to fit it. I noticed you used a lot of different shades of grey, maybe try some other colors.

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I like the idea! You just need to refine it a little bit. Make sure to keep us updated! :heart:

I was thinking like an office building type plaza but I wasn’t sure about it and you confirmed it for me. You’re right I do use a lot of grey but also most things are just a basic model I haven’t textured or colored it yet. Bit thank you so much for your input.

Her city is cool in the details, but, it seems to be in the W.I.P phase, if it is not, you might as well put a fence or anything over the city, this is to signal where it ends, just so as not to be confused. And your city also needs some details, you can add some trees for example.

Hello, I liked your creation and I hope to see how you would end up putting more things in it, but actually a very good creation.

Yes it is still in the process of getting the main layout then I was going to add all the details. But I was trying to come up with a good border, I wanted it to be something that felt natural and not just a fence. Any ideas? I really appreciate the comments and constructive criticism. Thanks

Well, if you look at the history of our existence, the first cities needed a river for agriculture, that river could be defined as an edge, as this could be the possible scenario of that time, making your game more realistic.

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