[Small Commission 20k+] Hiring someone to convert a mountain bike from legacy to PGS

Hey there! I recently made this thread: Converting a bike system to PGS but decided a commission would be easier and quicker. While I script, physics is not my strong suit so I am seeking someone here to convert this bike system to PGS and have it function the same way. I’ll even pay extra money for added features like tricks.


I am looking for a one-time programmer/ physics person to convert a mtn bike to PGS and have it function the same way as the old legacy bike. If the person who is commissioned wants extra money, they can add things like tricks or other features. They will receive credit in the credits portion of our game as well.


The starting price for this task is 10k Robux, however, I am willing to go way higher (20k+), if they can add things like tricks or optimize the code as it is old and outdated. PGS is being mandated very soon so I need someone to get it done quickly. I will pay extra for the quick work.


You can contact me on Discord: MrBob101#8276 or here on the dev forum

Thanks for your interest.


For free, you could always use this:

It’s a really awesome bike system, and I’m sure you could add some functionality that you need. And not to mention, tricks are really easy to add to it. I added 2 or 3 tricks to the system that weren’t already included.

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Our system is way different so I’d rather pay someone to help convert ours. Thanks for the recommendation, though.

Increased to 20k or more. It is a really small project. Hopefully someone is up for it.

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