Giving out my bike system


Made this in a couple days but didn’t end up doing anything with it, so I’m just gonna release it (hopefully this is the right subforum). Use it for whatever you want

nothing is documented very well (at all) and most of the code is a mess but hopefully you can learn something from it


GOTY idea for free: Bike Shooter

Basically you make ramps, jumps, etc. for people to bike around on but everyone is also equipped with a gun that they can use to shoot other bikers. Do with this as you wish.


Would I be able to create a game out of this?


Yeah, feel free to do whatever you want with it



I will give you credit of course.


With some tinkering… Supercross/Motocross


So kind of you to release this!


this is awesome! would love to see how others use it :slightly_smiling_face:




Dude you’re amazing! :fire:


Ily Thank you, I might try and make a BMX game now because of this, and I’ll stop by and say Hi to you, Ethan, and Simon on my way down to RDC.


So I’ve made the bike faster. I’ve made the pedals go away, and made the feet be symmetrically placed on both sides, and I’ve removed bunny hopping. Really getting far on the whole Supercross idea with it, but I’m a little stumped by one bit. How is turning handled? It seems turning (by only using A & D) isn’t all that effective. Turning by turning your view direction works really good, but if you need to turn for a hairpin it can kinda derp the bike out, and make you ride around in a circle before getting to go where you want to go. It seems a lot of this has to do with when you try to change directions quickly like that, it essentially makes the bike come to a halt, and then turn around. So, my goal is to allow users to use the throttle to keep the bike going with forward momentum while using turning (either rotating their view or using A&D) to get the bike to turn. I’m just having trouble finding whereabouts that code would be, not to mention figuring out what I’d even do with it to begin with. Any help?


Woah dude, that’s neat! It’s really nice of you to share it with others. :slight_smile:


does this work with smooth terrain?


Converting it to a skateboard HMMM




That’s pretty cool! I think I might check it out.


All the work I’m doing is here:


It floats on water.

And it also tries to auto-correct it’s angle even in mid-air above smooth terrain just like it does with brick ramps & etc.

If you try to ride up steep parts of smooth terrain the character looks a little rough. It kinda vibrates, and then backs itself down the hill and turns around and goes the other way. Aside from that, it’s perfectly fine on smooth terrain.