Small crazy offsets ever since 0.001 size update

This is VERY frustrating. I’m trying to build a spaceships but the move tool/dragging selector seem to randomely gain offsets from 0.001-0.01 causing builds to slowly become more and more disjointed. Heres an example:

The top part has become so offset from the bottom part the offset part has no way of fitting

.989, .494, etc…

if your wondering why I’m building with smaller parts, its because destruction is a big emphasis on this design. If its the problem, how do I fix it?

I’m strictly on 0.5 stud increments.
No plugins in use.


Yeah, I’ve noticed the Snap alignment lately is out to lunch.
Have you checked the Orientation of the original Part you started building this pillar on top of? If it’s off by less than a fraction of a degree (.004 gets rounded to 0) your entire stack of Parts will get offset the further from the origin you go. Same reason you get -0 as an Orientation angle, because it’s actually -.003 degrees or so.
Also you can place Parts at whatever decimal you want, but the display only shows .001 stud increments. If you’re Positioned at 100.0004 studs it’ll display 100.

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Helpful response, but theres no angle to be seen.

Seems like a Roblox issue, so I’ll just wait until that’s sorted out, if it’ll ever be sorted out. I’ll try rebuilding for a 3rd time to see if the offset show up again.

Looked into this a bit harder, and its pretty crazy. Apparently these offsets happen over time, to parts that have been confirmed to already have a normal position. Now im more confused.

You got a lot of options here, one is don’t use such small changes, two is to install a plugin like F3X where you can open the scale tool and hold R to snap vertices together.

“no angle to be seen” is what I meant by “less than a fraction of a degree (.004 gets rounded to 0)”
When the angle is off by less than what Studio can display it’ll show as a rounded decimal angle.
0.004 gets displayed as 0.
37.996 gets displayed as 38.
90.002 is 90.
22.503 is 22.5.
-0.004 is -0.

Thats great and all and I understand but you never said how to fix that.

Ah, sorry, I thought it was implied.
When I set a first Part that many others are going to be built off I set the Orientation to 0.0000000, 0.0000000, 0.00000000 (or 90.000000, or 35.0000000, whatever works!) to try to get it as close to perfect as possible.

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