(Small Feature) Let Streamable show videos like youtube

Hey, just small feature request!

I was using Streamable for a long time (in discord, and here)

But something that i have noticed, is that lots of users uses youtube for show their videos.
I don’t want to use youtube, i want to use streamable, but there is a problem, Streamable doesn’t shows videos up, and users needs to click the link to see the video

What i mean: imagen

So streamable should show videos like this:

So, that is all, this could be really useful for me, i use streamable a lot, and people needs to click streamable links to see the videos, but with this feature live, people shouldn’t need to click links!


I don’t think our forum can do anything about this. If anything, suggest it to meta.discourse.com. On a side note, read this topic on why you should use ShareX instead:



I know about ShareX, but streamable is faster and easier, also you can crop and mute your video quickly

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(ShareX can do all of the by the way,)

As I said, the only thing you could do is suggest it to meta.discourse.com. This isn’t a devforum thing, it’s a discourse thing. Sorry.


That have nothing to do with this forum. As FxllenCode said, this forum uses Discourse, so if you have any feature request similiar to this you should refer to meta.discourse.com

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I see. So you want you embed the video into the topic/reply?

Like others have said, this is not something the DevForum has control over. You need to submit a request to the forum manager site: meta.discourse.com

The streamable onebox was disabled because streamable broke embeds for their service making it impossible to watch embedded videos without using inspect element. Do streamable embeds work in other places like e.g. Discord now?


By embed, do you mean this?
Yes, it is possible in discord, people uses streamable a lot!

GitHub, maybe?

I’ve enabled embedding of streamable links.

Note that embedding only works when the link is on a line of its own:

On same line does not embed: https://streamable.com/w6jgei

Own line:


On same line does not embed: https://streamable.com/w6jgei

Own line:


You are my hero, Thanks for doing that!