Small head in-game

When I am in-game, my head is smaller in-game. How do I fix this?Capture Capture

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Did you modify your game settings?

Make sure to check what you have them set to.

Also check if:
You have any scripts that modifies the head.
You have the Avatar settings set to “Player Choice”

Yes, but it still does it, weird?

That does seem weird. Doe the problem occur when you only play the game on site, or play test in studio, or both?

I only tested in the game, it’s happening for everyone.

Oh, that’s some weird behavior then. Are you able to replicate it in other games places that you make or it just specifically happens in the place you are in?

Do you use an Overhead Tag script that clones the head and hides the head? If so, it’s because when cloning the head, the new head doesn’t retain the size it should be. In this case, you should stop hiding the original head and parent the Overhead Tag to the original head too.

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