Small horror project, nothing disturbing here

Just started on these 2 things about an hour ago, got any ideas on what they should do?

YAAAAAY. Another horror project! That monster looks awesome.

They should slither around on the walls and then jump at you and rip your face off.

Any ideas on how to make it “stick” and walk sideways/upsidedown on the walls/ceiling?
Cause if its an easy thing to script I will totally make it slither around the walls… Face ripping off… Cute little pet… I’m going to enjoy this project.

I would use a mix of BodyGyros and BodyPositions, but it’s completely up to you – you could also use welds.

Make the game “Your Sweetest Dreams” (or something like that to make it attractive and harmless, but it isn’t :o).
Then add those monsters in the bed room that the user was able to made by him or herself then the littile kids get scared. Then the next day parents start writing bad reviews :smiley:

Just kidding btw :3

Warning: may be [size=3]very very[/size] bad
Make it a Halloween game, just in case ROBLOX" forgets to notify us" about it and you can directly “give” this as a game or so.
Or maybe something that they (the monsters, heads) walk, float around a world and when you come too close and it’s dark they will attack you. In the meatime, you have to kill as much of those monsters and collect some hidden objects. (Some horror hunting game)

For wall walking you could technically change direction of gravity with help of BodyForce. First apply enough counter-force to disabled gravity, and then apply same force to desired direction. And I believe that way humanoid:MoveTo() would still work as well. Of course us BodyGyro for rotation.

Do people really like Horror this much ??!??

If so, then this might be all we need to get motivated on Dread again…

…Or you could have that head “attached” to a humanoid that walks around like a survivor but when it gets close the head jumps off and chases you.

Then for the rest of the game there’s a headless body chasing people and a bodyless head chasing people.

Make it reuse the body parts of its victims to construct clones or add extra limbs or something. Or just fix itself if its missing something because explosives.

It could crawl on the floor and through ventilation shafts/sewers then jump out of them quietly and jump on your head like a headcrab

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