Small Hut design

[DISCLAIMER] This is my first build, I know it’s pretty bad but I think it’s decent for my first build, also, if your being technical, a simple wooden chair I made was my first build.

I was reading the Developer Forums and I decided to use base my build off a picture, so this is the image that I decided to go with,DFP1RP
I thought it looked pretty good so I decided to make it in Roblox, [SEE BELOW]




I’ve moved your post to Cool Creations, which is the place to get general feedback. I’ve also removed the tag from your title–those generally aren’t necessary.

Greetings, your small hut looks cozy and classical, honestly, the hut needs work in the interior since you will notice the outside of the hut is made from wood. You should make the interior of the hut have a woody appearance and texture in the walls.
Also, I would like to suggest if you could make the wood of your hut to have a more woody texture or you should apply some wood texture to make your hut more pleasing and realistic in its appearance.
Overall, I appreciate and like the way you copied the hut from it’s real-life counterpart and I hope you use this in some sort of game development.

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Thank you, I was thinking of making more huts but I wanted to see what people thought from this one, I will try to take on your advice and I’m happy that you took your time to give feedback.

I definitely didn’t think the first photo was Roblox…

Jokes aside, your hut looks nice– though you could play a bit with the interior, it looks a bit plain to me. You could add some little light above the door, that’s what usually is above door.

Other than that, I really like it! :wink:

The area that can use the most improvement is the interior and the exterior. The material choice you made makes the building seem a bit plain since there’s only once material added to this overall regarding this is your first attempt I would say maybe place a small little door knob on the building and probably change the material of the door so it won’t blend in with the rest of the build if you know what I mean.

As opposed to popping with different “layers” of materials. This can be improved by either picking a more brown color for the build like seen in the image above, maybe try throwing your own design to at the moment it’s pretty decent however maybe place an overhang roof connected to the bannister. For the interior I would definitely suggest placing more items in the building like for example, the walls could be placed with picture frames or a clock something to give the build a little bit of detail.

Overall, it’s not bad for your first build.

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I decided to take on your advice and this is what I made,



Anyways, thanks for the feedback and have a good day.

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Looks pretty good, dude! This looks neat!

Thanks for saying that, it makes my build worth it and have a good day.

I can definitely see some improvements. Overall, I like the build. However, I think there should be other materials on the build at the moment the interior and building share the same similar material to it maybe try adding more to the interior.

The interior seems a little bit dark if you know what I’m talking about adding some lights could give it a more welcoming feel to it, I would definitely try changing the chimney material. I don’t think the black brick design fits within the build maybe try going for a more light brick one or a stone design however you could try finding one that fits with the build.

Another thing I notice is that the overhang roof is the same material as the rest of the build, maybe try changing it up a bit so it won’t blend in with the design. The interior could have a better design to it I’ll leave an image below if you don’t understand what I mean. I’d also recommend creating other objects that could be placed onto to hut like a chair, logs up against the building some environmental plants throughout the map such as rocks, bare tree, and more.