Small items fall through floor, but don't fall through baseplate

I’m having a issue with items falling through the floor, CanCollide is on and it falls through any part, except for the baseplate and I’m not too sure on what to do.

Is your floor a meshpart? If so, change the collision fidelity to Precise.

Is it something to do with a script? And can you see the parts below the floor and above baseplate?

It is a union but even if I try it on a normal part, it does the same thing.

No when it’s thrown, it has CanCollide on, and yes it doesn’t go through a baseplate even if I remove the floor

Is there a script in the floor?

No the only script is the script for throwing items

Is the floor’s can collide on?

Your script creates an instance of the item you’re throwing? Maybe the script is the issue

I don’t think so because it works fine with larger items and it turns CanCollide on as soon as it makes a copy of the item

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