Small Jewelry Store

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Not to be rude or anything, but the water is too much. It looks more of an underground ocean build. Maybe try different textures for the wall, wood panels for the floor, and a white ceiling.

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water? what in theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

It looks like a decent layout so far! :grin:

-Definitely vary your materials and colors throughout the build to give it more life. Using one material and color throughout the whole build can get boring to the player.

-Add more details and fixtures throughout the store.

-Try to make the entrance more detailed.

Overall has great promise! Good luck on your build! :smiley:

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He’s just talking about the turquoise granite that you used a lot in your build! (Which is a very interesting material that looks great in contrast with other colors like white.)

Sorry if this reply sounds a tad rude but here’s my thoughts.

Personally, I think you overdone it with the Granite.

It looks way too flashy, overdone, and too saturated.

Honestly it actually hurts my eyes looking at this since and I don’t even have sensitive eyes.

The entrance looks like it doesn’t even fit in with the insides.

Besides those negatives, I think it looks pretty great!

I would work on materials and colors. While it may seem cool for a moment, blue walls will look weird. Also, as jewelry stores are rather for wealthy people, I suggest adding white walls and some golden details. Also, add details like lamps, counters or even paintings to make it look lovely.

WAY too much granite. The colors are simply bland and, in all jewelry stores I have seen and visited not one looks like this. These stores are usually way smaller too. It looks like you’re trying to make an expensive museum or swimming pool. hope this helped

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Sorry if I sound rude, please but change the material, and maybe the color. It literally looks like an ocean in there.

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ok um I changed it up a bit


Now that’s even better! :eyes:

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It does look good so far, aside from the texture, it does look like it is underwater, also adding some jewlery in the cases and maybe an NCP as a worker

The material changes look outstanding! :eyes: Its a great improvement from your previous versions of the build. It has lots of promise.

  • Maybe add some light fixtures on the roof? If you find pictures of an average jewelry store, it will most likely have very attractive light fixtures.
  • Make the entrance more detailed! Add more realistic door knobs and add detail around the door. It would help the build ever so slightly!
  • I presume your adding jewelry inside the cases.

Other then that its a great change. Good luck on the future of your build! :smile:

This looks way better! I love the colors. Maybe try a different door knob, make it more realistic? Also, apply everything that 1NUO said.