Small Map I made

Hello! I don’t build very often but I was helping my friend make a minigame where you round up rocks into a pen and earn points by doing that.
Here are some images of the map:


This is the 3rd build I’ve made that’s medium-small size. The 1st was a large map, the second was a medium-large map. Forgot to mention, the tree meshes and rock meshes are by my friend!

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The map looks good, however the grass does not look green enough, but that is just my opinion. The map looks good besides that!


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This looks really nice! Especially if your friend was going for a low-poly map! I like it, as you did a really great job with it! :slightly_smiling_face:


This looks really nice! I would add some more lighting around the map and maybe clean up some of the empty areas, but other than that I think this map’s really cool.

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This is amazing, only thing I noticed as previously stated is the grass looks like its kinda not grass? Otherwise its great :happy4:

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The low poly looks nice, I think the river could use some cleaning up with the rocks (see attached image) but other than that it is well made.

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