Small Parts Clipping

I’m currently working on a clothing stand, and I’m having one small issue. if enough force is applied, the hook will clip through the bar and come off. Is there a way I can prevent this? here’s the game if you need to take a look:


I have done something similar before and I fixed that issue by using constraints, You should be able to fix it by just adding a rope from the pole to the hooks.
I’m not sure if there is an easier way of doing this.

Make sure to make the ropes invisible in properties

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I don’t quite understand what you mean. Can you provide a screenshot for reference?

Click the tool that would be in place at the top-left.
It looks different because I set it to rope, and it’s in the MODEL tab.

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just a simple rope, It can be found in the model tab.
I can’t send screenshots at the moment but just go to the Model tab and the constraints should be somewhere on the right.

I will try to send some screenshots when I can.

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What I mean is how to set up the rope, because I don’t know how a rope will stop the parts from clipping.

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It won’t completely stop it from clipping, but it can prevent the hooks from falling off.
Click on the tool, click on the rope, then click where you want to attach it both places.
Once you’re done, find the RopeConstraint on either of the objects and set it’s Visible property to false.

Ok, but how is that going to stop it from falling of? I need an example.

The invisible rope doesn’t prevent it from clipping through, but rather, constrains it from going to far from the pole.
For more info, go to RopeConstraint | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub.

I don’t think a rope constraint would work because it wouldn’t let them slide back and forth. I would recommend cylindrical constraints because they’ll allow it the clothes to slide along the rail and swing but not come off. A ball-in-socket prismatic would be ideal but I’m not sure if those exist or whether you’ll just need to combine them