Small PBR map project I need feedback on

Just wanted to play around with PBR and see what i could fetch up,

Made this in 1-2 hours, I just wanted feedback to see where i can improve or what i can do different on my other projects. ^ ^

Be as critical as you want, no mercy .



that’s all I have to say. super realistic and everything flows together. although im not sure if it’s the lighting or the skybox but maybe try playing around with those? I would love to see a night version of this build



That’s INSANE! This is the most realistic build I think I’ve ever seen on Roblox. Amazing job!


Its most likely the sky box, I made the clouds move using a beam effect so its really low quality. :frowning:

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no joke, this actually looks like you just took a picture irl


Awesome build I love it so much your really talented.


woahhh thats sick dude! keep up the work

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Oopsies, couldn’t tell if this was real life or Roblox.

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“Small” project? Your idea of small is completely different from mine!

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This looks extremely good!

On the left side of the image, the leaves might be clipping through the building a bit too obvious though.


But honestly, it doesn’t take away from how well the colors line up. Keep it up.


brutalist architecture is among the worst architecture styles in existence. watch this video to learn more about it.

the building looks awful.

if you just delete the buildings in the background entirely, it would already look better.

also the contrast between the fence and the road needs work. I don’t know if it’s the sidewalk, but something about it looks wrong.

i don’t know if the road is wet, but it feels like every “realism” or graphic mod makes the road soaking wet. it would be cool and unique if you had a dry road.


Its definitely the road, it a weird switch to wet to dry i really didn’t know where i was going with it, and would it help if i just lowered the buildings in the background, for it puts more focus on the main build?

In the parking garage, if that’s what it is? I would remove the solar panels on the bottom second floor, I cant see a point for them being there, and its just crowding space.

As for the glassish, buildings up top I assume you just textured a part then duplicated and scaled it to look like that. In my opinion it doesn’t really fit the theme of the building and kind of throws the build off and makes it look kind of messy, if you want to make the build taller, or increase its part and space height, I would recommend adding like a big satellite dish, or AC unit, maybe even some antennas. Thats just some of my thoughts though/

Another thing you can maybe potentially change, is adding greenery to the rest of the building, so far the only part of the building is the parking garage thing, and it just clashes with the rest of the building thats untouched with forestry, So maybe adding some greenery with the brush tool, along with walls of that building will increase the depth of the build.

Finally if you do want to add just a little more depth, I would recommend adding streetlight to the road in front of the building, just to add some character to the build. Maybe even some trash on the sidewalk and street even. Other then that overall great build, and am excited to see what you make in the future.

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I disagree the road doesn’t look wet and the buildings height in the backround looks fine

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Thanks for all this, it actually helps more than you might think

i don’t see the building looking awful as relevant to be honest.

it fits well with the scene and is textured well and realistically, would not look out of place/nor does it.

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Took a lot of your ideas into consideration, and made a couple updates and i think it looks a little better.


“brutalist architecture is among the worst architecture styles” I think that’s why the building is abandoned

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It’s nice as it is, but I don’t think an entire building covered in vines and bushes would be in mint condition. Some of the areas were the building has vines and such would be cracked or withered. Also, graffiti isn’t usually that high of quality (I.e chipped, slightly faint, etc) and areas with tons of graffiti would usually be at bridges or near car shops and factories. I know this was likely just for fun so sorry for sounding like such a nerd about it but if you’re going for an abandoned feel next time try some other structure. Anyway, good job. Textures are nice, I’m just nitpicking here honestly lol. Let’s see what else you can whip up.

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Honestly, it looks like real life XD.

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