Small RPG Map Ideas

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  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?

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This post is mostly a question on how I should create my map for my game.

Currently, I know how I want players to feel things like combat, pvp, pve, etc. However, I can’t decide for myself what kind of map I should make. I do want to encourage player interaction as I feel that would be more fun for players.

I have 3 ideas, a really open world/landscape, a decent large indoor building, and a ocean with islands.

I say do a birdseye view sketch map of your ideas that are very basic and just give you and overall visual idea of what your map is going to look like.

If you are struggling with building the sketch map, watch some videos that you think you want your map to look like whether it is in real life or a game or show or cartoon. This helps the visual side.

Once you are done the sketches of each 3 ideas, compare them and see which you like the best or maybe you will end up merging ideas into one whilst doing one sketch.

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