Small scaled MeshParts splitting faces - Any work arounds?

My issue is that my models’ faces are splitting themselves after being scaled down and causing gaps that aren’t on the original mesh in Blender.
There picture below shows the gaps with the green background brick showing through:

Not entirely sure about a work around for this and I was wondering if anyone here would know something to prevent this.

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I can see the issue but it’s hard to say what the cause is without seeing the Blender file (or at least a wireframe?)

I can assume it’s something to do with triangulation - but that’s just hazarding a guess at best. Unless someone else has had this exact problem, I can’t be sure of the answer without more info :smiley:

Not much I can show because the project is under restrictions.
I could try applying a triangle modifier to the mesh.


Triangulate your faces and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t fix it, DM me and we can sort out the issue more.


There’s a minimum size limit of 0.05 on each axis for parts – you’re probably hitting that limit when you scale that model down.

Try switching to SpecialMeshes and modify the .Scale property of the mesh instead.

Part size limits don’t affect meshes other than not being able to scale the entire thing down less than 0.05 without using Scale in SpecialMeshes.

This looks more like an issue with negative normals. Try rendering the model before exporting it to see if any faces aren’t visible.

That’s …literally what I said. When OP scaled the wings down, the size of the part was clamped to 0.05, which is what’s causing the gaps. The only way to bypass this limit is to use a SpecialMesh.

This isn’t a problem with inverted normals/poor triangulation since the problem doesn’t manifest when the model isn’t scaled down in studio.

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Could be that your problem’s related to the recent update for meshes:

I’d try asking around there.

The camera isn’t far from the model, it’s actually extremely close in the first picture. Therefore, this isn’t the issue.

Weirdly enough running the triangulate modifier on my model solved my issue though there were no inverted normals or gaps in the original mesh.

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Here’s why I thought that’d be the solution: