Small Tutorial with Attachments

Hello, this is just a small Tutorial Explaining how Attachments can be useful for Building and Scripting

When i say Snap, I am referring to this Tool in the MODEL Tab:

Screenshot (71)

Tip 1: Beam's

When Using Beams, Have you had trouble applying a width to the exact part?

Step 1: Create a Part and resize it to where it has no decimal Points

Step 2: Create:

  • 2 Attachments
  • 1 Beam

After Creating them, bring them up with the snap of 1 stud,
In the end, should look like this:

Step 3: Extend the 2 Attachments to both ends, I recommend using the Snap 0.1 for moving the attachments to the Very Edge of the Part

Step 4:
Rotate The 2 Attachments so its Horizontal, if you notice, its inside the Part, Use the snap 0.02 to move it upwards, Should look like this:

Step 5:
Copy the Size Coordinate of which ever Way the Width is, in this case, it’s on the Z Axis, My Part Size on the Z Axis is 38, so i will apply that, You will Get a Result like this:

Not Sticking out, and is the Perfect Width,

Tip 2: Lighting

Have you ever wanted a Have a Light reach a Certain Position but with a Part it can’t reach that far?

This should be a Very easy, and is usable for Items Like ProximityPrompt

Step 1: As the Usual, Create an Attachment

Step 2: Add a Light Source to it, Any light is usable!

Step 3: Move Your Attachment to Wherever You like (Any Snap)
In the End, You should Get Something like this:

Tip 3: WorldCFrame

When Using Objects like a Camera to make a Intro or Camera Transitions, You need the CFrame of a Part to Set its Location, But you can use Attachments, Let me Explain:

On A Attachment, there is a Difference between CFrame and WorldCFrame

CFrame Marks the Part as its origin while WorldCFrame gets the origin from the World Position

So When Using a Camera, you use WorldCFrame on an Attachment to Transition the Camera to there!

I Hope you found this Helpful! :slight_smile: