Smaller screens scale things incorrectly?

Hello everyone!
Woah, this is one of my largest posts, cool!
So recently I was designing some UI for my game and, smaller screens don’t really like it!
I will be showcasing all pictures!
Note: I only show the higher end devices due to people not using the older gen phones. If you need more info, let me know! I always will give more.

iPhone X: 768 x 375

iPhone 7 Plus: 736 x 414

iPhone 7: 667 x 375

iPhone 6 Plus: 736 x 414

iPhone 6: 667 x 375

What the view should be: 1920x1080

Note: I didn’t wanna include tablets, mostly because this game is aimed for phones, but if you want them- ask!

Got any solutions? Let me know!

Things I’ve tried:
AutoScale Lite Plugin (all buttons/images/textlabels/etc.)
Setting the anchorpoint to 0.5,0.5 on ALL buttons/images/textlabels/etc.
Only using scale (No offset!)

(Oh, computers also have a completely perfect view of it as far as I know.)

Figured out how to fix it, it will make the GUI a bit small though!

I used Scaled and Wrapped on a textbutton to kind of fix this. The frame works fine now which is weird.

AutoScale’s unit conversion can really help if you want to resize stuff, by the way