Smart Service - make your scripting easier! [OPEN SOURCE]

So, My friend has recently made a very useful module. Sadly he is not able to upload on the forum so I decided to post this for him! Anyway please read on as I think you might find this useful at some point!
For more info about my friend scroll down to the bottom of this post!

What is SmartService

Smart service uses its pre-made functions to help with basic issues that beginner scripters might find difficult, making this module a very good tool for people that find some things difficult as well as very beginner friendly however it does not only stop at a beginner level! It does include functions which can be useful for intermediate level scripters

Basic functions within SmartService

SmartService does things both server side and client side!

Server functions

image_2021-11-30_201648 - As the name suggests this function allows you to get a humanoid almost instantly without writing too much of code.

image_2021-11-30_202429 - This function allows you to open a frame from the server side.

image_2021-11-30_202758 - This function allows you to take a datastore value of a character instance.

Client functions

image_2021-11-30_203231 - As the name suggests this allows you to create sprinting with barely any effort.

image_2021-11-30_203615 - This allows you to make a status on anything like intermission etc

image_2021-11-30_203821 - This allows you to make a basic text label of any leaderstat value in your game

Smart service offers ALOT more functions which I did not include in this thread but you can find more on my friends video on this module


My friend has made installation extremely easy with his custom made plugin or you could just get the model for this here
After getting the model back please place ServerFunctions in server script service and the LocalFunctions into StarterGUI!


For a proper documentation on this you can watch the video which covers everything on this module or we will release a wiki with a detailed use of this.

This module was made by @iZeSW and you can add him ThatOneGuyThatHasALongerUsername#9935