Smart Zombie AI/Pathfinding

A cool and smart zombie AI. Note this is not really meant to be added in an actual game, it is just the best implementation of Roblox’s pathfinding I could figure out.

There is no damage for the zombies because this is for testing only.

Any FPS drops you are seeing are due to the physics lag of humanoids being close together. Script activity is low between 2%-7% on 200 zombies, much lower than expected, I have optimized it as much as I could without making it dumber.

There is no visible lag/stuttering in the zombie movements.

Roblox’s pathfinding isn’t so bad after all if the implementation is correct. Have a look at this:

Sorry for bad quality.


It looks pretty good, but at 0:38 the zombies found a way more longer path than expected, maybe you should rework some parameters of your code, but looks really good so far

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That’s due to Roblox’s navigation mesh not detecting a closer a path to the area, adding a small part near the spot will fix it.

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It may require a lot of testing to find all those “little spots” ngl. But looks amazing, keep it up!

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I’ve made a pretty good non humanoid, using pathfinding service and create a multipath segment generator, that’s about 150 zombies, its gets laggy cause of animations…

Do you have a script in EVERY single zombie, and whats the loop type/delay?

Could you share your scripts? I’d like to see how it works, cuz I have been working on this for so long and couldn’t find the solution.