Smearing and graphical issues on Studio since latest update (0.573.0.5730507)

What happens? Whenever I launch a studio instance, I am almost instantly greeted with a smear of graphical bugs and problems after I select something and happen to be hovering over another selectable object in the workspace, and it remains active so long the selected part(s) are visible in the viewport.

This began occurring as of today.

Reinstalling drivers does nothing, and a select group of people have also reported this exact bug; allowing me to narrow down to a problem with the Vulkan renderer, as this ONLY happens in the Vulkan engine.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to studio settings (alt+s)
Open the Rendering tab
Change “Graphics mode” to Vulkan
Reload studio (close and re-open)
Open an existing studio save file, select an object in the workspace from viewport with the standard Roblox tools, and then hover over any other object in the viewport and move your camera around.

Expected result: Nothing other than the selection and hover-over
Actual result: Smearing and a lot of graphical issues

Screenshot taken by me:

My studio settings:

Screenshots provided by others:

Their studio settings:


This has also been reported in this post

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Hi @creativforce

Can you provide your hardware specifications and driver/win version?

Also, if you have some log files available, please send them here

Thank you!

I have this bug and i’m on AMD graphics card

Thank you for the information!

AMD Ryzen 5 4500H
Radeon RX5600M

This seems to be happening on any AMD device

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Can you also provide some log files? These would help our engineers in finding the root cause!
If you don’t know how to find them, click here

Thank you!

Done, anything else I could do?

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Nothing else for now!

Thank you!

Seems to be fixed, can check the post mentioned here for more info

Thanks for letting us know!

Is the issue fixed on your side as well @creativforce?

Seems to have been fixed (I’m pretty sure) without even updating my graphics drivers, though sometimes the outline stays bugged (in a selected state) even if I have nothing selected on my workspace.
For now, this one’s fixed. Thanks for the quick response!

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