Smile Hub Dentistry - Handbook

Hello, and welcome to Smile Hub’s Handbook.

This document explains the ins and outs of working at Smile Hub, and should be thoroughly read through before beginning at the Clinic.

It is also strongly recommended that staff (and patients if they choose) should join or community comms server: hQ3JYCH

First and foremost, I’d like to explain the goal of Smile Hub, and why we created it. Smile Hub Dentistry is a dental roleplay like non-other currently offered on ROBLOX, and as such, we hope to inspire young minds for science, healthcare, and more specifically, medicine. We want to reinforce that science can be fun! We hope our game inspires you to help others, and have fun!

First shift? Click here for tips!


Make sure you have the basic tools and hygiene/dental tools before starting the cleaning.

  1. Once you get the patient situated in the chair, start by asking some questions, such as: “When was your last visit to the dentist?” “Have you had any work done in the past two years we should know about?” “Have you been experiencing any pain and/or discomfort recently?”

  2. Once you have the patient’s information and history down, take them to X-Ray and complete three-cylinder X-Rays (one on the right side, one in the front, and one on the left). Make sure you place a lead vest over the patient’s torso and put in the X-Ray aligner. The lead vest will ensure that the patients are not exposed to high levels of radiation.

  3. You will then proceed to take the patient back to their bed and ask them what flavour toothpaste (dental prophylaxis) they’d like. We have a selection of Mint, Cherry, Bubblegum and Pina Colada. Use your high-speed polisher to polish each individual tooth, simultaneously adding more dental prophylaxis to the suction cup as you go. Make sure to rinse the mouth and use the saliva ejector (suction) to remove any spit, prophylaxis or fluids from the patient’s mouth.

  4. After, prep the dental floss tool and begin forward/backward motion to remove any sticky bacteria and plaque. After that, dispose of all equipment used and get new tools.

  5. Once you finish cleaning the patient’s teeth, call over a Junior Hygienist or higher rank (if you are an intern) to complete a check-up. Have them look over the X-Rays too. If everything is in order and looking good, you can paint a layer of fluoride onto the patient’s teeth.

If you are confused by this, you can copy and paste from this text if required.

I will now be using my dental mirror to check out your teeth, please try and keep your mouth wide and opened.
I’d select the dental mirror and inspect each and every tooth for any cavities or irregularities.
I will now begin polishing your teeth! Do you have a desired toothpaste flavour?
I’d select the high-speed polisher and the prophylaxis solution.
I’d place the prophylaxis solution on the high-speed polisher.
I’d grab the dental mirror and the high-speed polisher, I’d guide the mirror in to look and polish each tooth to perfection.
I will now be rinsing your mouth with some water!
I’d select the air-water tool and I’d begin to rinse water through patient’s mouth and suck it out with the suction tube
I will now be flossing your teeth, please excuse any pain.
I’d prep the dental floss.
I’d figure eight the floss on my finger opposite on both index fingers.
I’d place it between the tooth and begin forward/backward motion to remove any sticky bacteria and plaque.
I’d dispose of all equipment used.

Make sure you do not copy and paste this all at once, do it line by line. Also, remember that you cannot copy and paste this every time you do a cleaning, this is only for your first time doing one.


If you need to paint fluoride on the patient’s teeth to prevent more cavities from happening, copy and paste from this text:

I’d put a layer of Fluoride on patient’s teeth
I’d wash and dry my hands, then proceed to put gloves and a mask on
I’d gather all the supplies necessary for the procedure and lay everything on the tray
I’d find the patient’s tooth shade
I’d place rubber guards on the lips and tongue to protect them from the bleaching agent
I’d use a protectant with a syringe on the gums to prevent damage from the bleaching agent
I’d use carbamide peroxide as a bleaching agent
I’d use a syringe and cover each tooth with the carbamide
I’d use water and wash away the carbamide peroxide with a dental water pick
I’d use a dental pick to pop off the protective coating
I’d remove the rubber guards from the patient’s mouth
Okay, you are all done! Before I take you back to the waiting area, we have a few rules for the next few hours/days.
Please avoid hot beverages and foods and discolouring beverages.
We ask that you also use a sensitive toothbrush.
Okay then, let’s head back out to the waiting area, the bleaching will last for 2-3 years!

Make sure you do not copy and paste this all at once, do it line by line. Only Junior Hygienists and above can perform this.

Now onto the rules…

Employee Conduct
  1. All staff should be professional during shifts, on the group wall, and during any other service associated with Smile Hub Dentistry.

  2. You are expected to wear the uniform at all times, the uniform guidelines are as illustrated:

  • LR (Low-Rank) members, are to wear the scrubs available in the scrub store (preferably), OR, put the scrubs on in the locker room (green).
  • MR (Middle-Rank) members are to wear the scrubs available in the scrub store or again, access them in the change rooms (grey). If you are Attending+ (Dentist, Orthodontist, Oral Surgeon), you may wear custom scrubs so long as they are professional colours, or do not have other group’s text on them.
  • HR (High-Rank) members may wear the same uniform as MR’s, however, HR’s may also wear custom scrubs, suits, or business casual with an ID badge.
  1. Staff should work together, collaborate on cases, and always maintain a positive work environment. At the very core of it, Smile Hub **is a game, and should be enjoyed **. If you see another staff member not obeying the rules, you may warn them that they may be given consequences, and tell them how they could be doing it properly.

  2. It is extremely crucial you understand what you can and cannot do with your rank. These details are listed in the next dropdown.

Rank Descriptions & Clearances
  1. Each rank below will have a tag indicating whether it is a low rank, middle rank, or high rank. The rank will also have a brief description and notes indicating what that rank is responsible for.
  • Patient/Noted Patient [LR] Patients may attend shifts, take part in various meetings/conferences, and maintain a positive role in the Smile Hub community.
  • Suspended [LR] Suspended employees are to remain respectful while serving consequences and any misconduct during this stage will lead to immediate expulsion without reconciliation.
  • Intern Hygienist [LR] Congratulations you’re now a new member of our team! In this role, you are expected to begin learning the routine at Smile Hub. You should always be shadowing a Junior Hygienist+ unless none are online. This is so you can learn various procedures and begin to work on your own! As an Intern Hygienist you are NOT permitted to perform any sort of surgery, dental procedure, or orthodontic treatment. You may assist with permission, or perform cleanings (once you’ve been taught).
  • Junior Hygienist [LR] You should now know the rules and regulations very well, and understand how the clinic operates. You can begin to do cleanings unsupervised, but should still remember you are not permitted to perform any sort of surgery, dental procedure, or orthodontic treatment.
  • Hygienist [LR] You are now very proficient with how the clinic operates, you can direct the Interns and Juniors to do their respective duties, and you can assist in oral surgery, dentistry, and orthodontistry. However, you are not permitted to perform any oral surgery, dental procedure, or orthodontic treatment unsupervised. If an MR+ wishes to let you perform a procedure, and supervise, you may do so.
  • Senior Hygienist [LR] You are now very responsible. You are leading the remainder of the Hygienists during shifts, and ensuring the cleaning department/waiting room are running very smoothly. You can perform basic (WITH PRESCRIPTION FROM A PHYSICIAN) dental, and orthodontic treatments. You may now perform oral surgery procedures with the assistance and supervision of an MR+. You should now be starting to choose where you’d like to go, Dental, Orthodontic, or Surgical.
  • Fellow [MR] You are now a Doctor! You have chosen which department you’d like to feed into, and have begun training. You are now qualified to do procedures you have been taught how to do properly without supervision. However, it is highly crucial that you page attendings regularly to update on cases and get help.
  • Orthodontist, Dentist, Oral Surgeon, Supervisory Hygienist [MR] You are a Doctor (with the exclusion of the Supervisory Hygienist - who in this case, is a highly qualified Hygienist who has chosen not to become a Doctor but rather keep all the other Hygienist’s on check during shifts) in your chosen field of study. You may perform, diagnose, and direct in any shape or form related to your department.

Dentists diagnose and treat problems with patients’ teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth.

Orthodontists work to prevent or correct misaligned teeth and jaws, which are called malocclusions or faulty occlusions.

Oral Surgeons focus on the diagnosis and surgical and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries and defects related to the functional and esthetic aspects of the face, mouth, teeth and jaws.

  • Manager [HR] You are a Manager. It is important to remember your duties lie more administrative and not medical. You should remain close to the Lobby at all times to ensure all patients are checking in, being brought out of the lobby and that the shift is running smoothly. You may also feel the need to roam once in a while to check for roaming patients, check on new staff members for rule-following, and ensure everyone is working safely. You should also check on the 10-minute payments, by going to the meeting room and ensuring the company’s financial account is in check.
How to begin work as a staff member

So you want to start working, eh?

Here a few tips:

  1. Be sure you’re in the appropriate uniform (check the first dropdown above).

  2. Assuming you’re an Intern Hygienist, you should be only performing cleanings with Junior Hygienists (if they are online). Patient’s use self-check-in, which means, what they require will be above their heads in white text. They will be sitting patiently in the waiting room. Retrieve a “Cleaning/Check Up” patient if you see one, and make sure your Junior Hygienist friend can teach you how to clean (instructions being posted soon).

  3. When you’ve finished cleaning, they need to be checked and cleared by a Doctor, and (if you check the dropdown below it says what overhead diagnosis’s go where) in this case, that means a dentist must be paged. You should take X-Rays while you await the Dentist. You will not require Panoramic X-Rays for this, use the normal bed ones.

  4. When the patient is done, you, or the physician, will click on the patient’s lower torso, which will bring up a GUI. This GUI will ask you if you’re done the patient’s treatment, by choosing yes our automatic billing system will bill the patient (although it’s already paid by a faux health benefits company) for the treatment. And if you notice, depending on the treatment, our company account (visible in the meeting room) will increase. This is the account in which you are paid - leading off into our next bulletin.

  5. Every 10 minutes you are paid, and this pay changes depending on your rank. You will be notified when you are paid via bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

  6. These ‘Cash’ can be used to use different scrubs, different tools, and unlock other neat features. THESE ARE ALL UNDER DEVELOPMENT.

  7. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Be sure to read through everything, as failure to abide by these rules could end in your employment’s termination.

Remember, have fun!

Owner & Oral Surgeon, Smile Hub Dentistry
Credit to chillybagpiper, founder and former orthodontist at Smile Hub

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