Smileyz | Public Handbook

Welcome to Smileyz Dentist.

Brought to you by the management team!

Smileyz Dentist is a new dentistry made for you, expressing the cleanliness of our work. Showing players the importance of fresh teeth and hygiene on the ROBLOX platform. Smileyz was first founded by itzthatguybrandon and rnvcrr on June 15th, 2022. We wish for you to enjoy our hard work so that your experience at Smileyz is the best it can be.

Alliance Information

To become an official alliance with Smileyz Dentistry, you must meet the following requirements:

coming soon teehee

Ban Appeals

At Smileyz, our staff management team and moderators make sure there are no disturbances or inappropriate things in the community. We do give second chances to those who will show us that they will not do it again.

Please DM Ronin#5237 on the communications server, answering the following questions.

What is your ROBLOX Username?
What is your discord username with tag?
Why were you banned?
Why would you like to be unbanned from Smileyz?
Do you understand it may take up to a day for us to review your appeal?

Remember to use honesty on the appeal, and trolling is prohibited.

Training Sessions

Training Sessions are hosted Sunday through Saturday. Training schedule will be made soon!

Rank Information

coming soon

Code of Conduct

Exploiting & Spamming
Smileyz does not put up with exploiting or spamming. You will be banned instantly, and you will not be able to appeal.

Smileyz doesn’t put up with trolling either. If staff catch you trolling in any Smileyz facilities, you will be granted 1 warning and then banned. You will be able to appeal if you’ve changed, though!

Remember! Clothing has to be appropriate! If staff catch you wearing inappropriate clothing, you will be asked to change, and if you don’t, you will be banned!

Thank you for taking the time to read Smileyz’ guide, and we hope you understand now.

Thank you,

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