Smooth Animations

Hello everyone, I’m developing my game and when I do animations it it’s very fast or very slow, There is a plugin for smooth animations, or there is an option for it?
I was using Legacy Animations


I believe roblox supplies a plugin for making animations, you could play around with it??

Unless this is what you mean by Legacy Animations,

Even therefore you could change the speed of changing where in the timeline the animation change is made and change how its manipulated.

Yeah, but I want to know how to make it smooth.

Can you be more specific what you mean by smooth?

You can right click the dot in the animation timeline and change the easing if thats what you mean?

Like, it looks real, Like if there is a real person dancing.

I believe if you have a full VR set you can make custom dances with it by manipulating the plugin, otherwise;

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Okay, and you know if there is any tutorial?

AlvinBlox is a good youtuber to have a look at, please start with this;

If that doesn’t work search the web for tutorials to help you, other then that would you say this has been solved?

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Use the plugin Moon Animator. It allows you to change the Keyframe type to Smooth. Roblox’s animator only lets you use Linear Keyframe’s as far as I know.