Smooth ball movement

I want to create a football ball using linear velocity where when the player’s hitbox touches the ball it will go in that direction smoothly (I tried to use force and it makes the ball direction really buggy). I used the code below and the direction isn’t buggy anymore but the ball is now extremely laggy. Any solutions to make the ball better? Or a better way to code movement balls?

local ball = script.Parent
local Debris = game:GetService("Debris")

function onTouched(otherPart)
	if otherPart.Name == "HitBox" then
		local hitbox = otherPart
		local Char = otherPart.Parent
		local mode = Char.Mode.Value
		local punch = script.Parent.Punch.Value * 2
		local HRP = Char.HumanoidRootPart
		if mode == 1 then
			local Attachment ="Attachment")
			local LV ="LinearVelocity")
			LV.MaxForce = 1e9
			LV.VectorVelocity = HRP.CFrame.lookVector * punch
			LV.Attachment0 = Attachment
			Attachment.Parent = script.Parent
			LV.Parent = script.Parent
			Debris:AddItem(LV, 1)
			Debris:AddItem(Attachment, 1)
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I don’t know too much about this stuff but I’m pretty sure LookVector will solve your problem.

here’s the docs for it: CFrame | Roblox Creator Documentation

You just have to create a part that in front of the player, you attach it to the character with weld constraint.