Smooth body rotation

On games like Combat Warriors, Criminality, Aethelbeorn, Vectus, when you turn your body, it smooths it out slowly (im not talking about movedirection lerping), but i have NO IDEA of how could i do that, i tried reading topics, tried lerping, tried looking into free models, but i had no success. If someone can help me with that, itd be very appreciated.


Been looking for the same solution so let me know if you find anything,
most solutions will probably have to include lerping, I’m not too good at lua and studio but learning as I research this topic.
So far what I’ve seen adding a ControllerManager to the humanoid, then use BaseTurnSpeed and decrease the value.
Messing with the PlayerModule, look into BaseController and Keyboard modules. Still need to research this so will let you know how that goes if you try it.
Just seen this post

Suggests using AlignOrientation. Seems promising.

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Thanks, I’ll look into that ^^

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