Smooth Cutscenes

So, I’m making a story oriented typesk game and like, I want to make cutscenes and such but like how would I go about making them with the npcs being animated and just making it feel like if you were playing an actual game

This is the closest I could find to what im trying to achieve I guess


So I would use the Cutscene Editor plugin. Then insert a local script into starter player scripts and animate the models from there. Using a local script will make it only happen for that player, so if a new player joins and another player is halfway through a cutscene, they won’t overlap each other.

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I searched up the Cutscene Editor plugin and it says its deprecated

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Try Smooth Cam then. There is some virus infected ones, so this is the link to the official one: Smooth Cam - Roblox


yep. I used to have that plugin and it doesn’t work anymore…

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Also use the Instance function to create a Screen Gui and a TextLabel. You then have to parent it to the Player’s PlayerGui. From there, change the text from the script as the cutscene is running

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You could instead of using a plugin just make a script that tweens the camera. (ON CLIENT ONLY)

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I’ll keep all that in mind thanks for the support

Just create parts that act as the cutscene camera, then you can adjust easing styles of tweens as you want.

I did something similar in this tutorial I created which has a moving camera:

(skip to 5:55 if it doesnt skip to that part).

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