Smooth Long Text Transition (SLTT)

Thank you all for the positive feedback it helps me make more resources :slight_smile:

TBH IDK what to call it so I called it SLTT short for Smooth Long Text Transition

Hey Devforum you may use spotify and in it if a songs name is too long it kinda like moves the text around like side to side well I made that but better! Here’s a clip of it working!

Tell me how much you liked it?
  • It’s Terrible!
  • It’s Bad!
  • It’s Ok!
  • It’s Good!
  • It’s Fantastic!

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The jitter you see is cause of my video quality


Cool! Is there a repo for it?

sorry my english isnt that good can you clarify by what you mean?

Is there a GitHub repository for it?

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no its just a simple module bro its not that complex lol


It’s not that smooth, I can see it chopping up.

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It’s a little jittery at the edges. It’s a cool resource, though - thanks for making it!

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I think this one is quite cool. Probably use it sometime.

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thats cause of the video quality


hmm this is pretty neat

does it work by just putting fading effects on each side and scrolling the text via tweenservice? that is a pretty smart way of doing it if so

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no it just has a frame with uigradient i am not gonna be wasting time to find that! cause that looks hard and fancy

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i meant an image with a gradient from white to transparent, but eh that works too

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oh lol well yea but frames are better

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Hey everyone soon enough i will make it wayy better. I will make a better module for all my UI Related things! soon enough

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