Smooth movement and sliding system

Hi, I’m working on a game like the Strongest Battlegrounds where I will need many character to move smoothly around each other, with reliable sync. I want to do this with the least lag as possible and the best responsiveness.

For instance, a skill where you take the opponent and swing them around you, then throw them up into the air. While doing that you will of course need to spin with them. To make it appear that way on your side you will need network ownership of their character to control their movements along with yours, but is it worth the security risk?

And then another question is how I actually move them.

I tried using LineForces, and these are good for moving to a specific point, but when the player is grounded it has unexpected behavior, and it also tends to look very laggy at times. I do not want this.

Another problem is it can only move players in lines, not curves. So I made a system to help with that, instead of using lineforces I created a module that sets your cframe, as if it was playing an animation. This means I have full control over where they go, and I can create custom cframe animations, and I also implemented a bezier curve system so I can also create curves. Following that logic I can move them in precisely any way I want.

Unfortunately, this has it’s problems too. I experience odd unexpected behavior on the opponents side, the player seems to freeze up, and then teleport to end cframe, and it’s very glitchy. So now I’m completely lost. I want to smoothly replicate this behavior:

What are they doing to get this? I see the obvious delay between me and the npc, but it still is smooth, and they are grounded, how are they doing it? I REALLY need to solve this problem.

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