Smooth player standing on the train system?

Alright so, I got this train model from an uncopylocked game that someone gave me NOTE: I am not trying to copy something. I just used the train model from an uncopylocked game because I am too lazy to create my own train cars. But anyway lets get started!

The photo of the train model I got from an uncopylocked game:

Note: Again, im not trying to steal assets, Im just using them as a dummy. Im too lazy to make my own models.

Anyway, if when I get the right solution for this topic, I will try it and make my own train cars.
Alright so lets get to the topic.

So recently in February of 2019, a game named Jailbreak just released an update about the trains having new physics and a smooth train system. The developers of the game said that the trains will be now smooth. No more flinging, just straight up smooth. Badcc also said that the new train system is pretty smooth and good. Walking in between the train cars does not lag players or fling players. Its just when they stand on the train, it feels super smooth while its moving.

Plus that stand on train script devoflua made, it was horrible terrible (Sorry, its my opinion). It keeps teleporting players whenever they stand on any train part. I tried fixing but made it worse.

When I stand on the train, the camera even follows when the train car is facing. I want that to be included in the solution.

Now I am asking for help of how would I do a train system like Jailbreak. Help me find out of how did Jailbreak do train systems. I want to make my own train system similar to Jailbreak including the stand on train script (Camera follows when the train car is facing).

P.S Before moderators giving me messages, I want to let you know, I am not trying to steal something from Jailbreak. I just want to learn and make my own train system similar to Jailbreak. Similar means not so accurate.


You wont get this complex of a system scripted for you for free. Hire someone, or look for previous posts.

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Uh im not asking code for free. I just need help of how to make my own train system.

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@LaAerooo Do you have some previous posta that could help me? If you have, send them here.

you can use bodymovers, i’ve been using them for a while for moving platforms

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Here’s a similar post where badcc responded so you might find some of the information needed here.

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This question has been asked before, you should use the search feature in the future before posting a question.


I’m sorry, but it is extremely hard to read this post. You’ve repeated the same line several times in each section.

It’s like word puke, I suggest rewriting this, or just improving this when you make your next paragraph. As some of the replies below note, you’re not going to be able to get someone to script this for free, I suggest trying some more things on your own. I’ve also been told in the past that this is not a scripting request site, so make sure not to ask directly for it.

I believe there are already several threads on this, so try using the search function as well.

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So good news!

You will be able to get a system that does this for free.

You will be wanting to use the wall stick controller.

This is a tool!! I cannot stress this enough you will have to adjust the conditions under which you attach to the train yourself.

I highly recommend you scroll down in that post and use the new camera version.

Good luck! :+1:


Please, search threads before asking questions, i think this will help you:

Not trying to be mean, i hope this help.


@EgoMoose Ive noticed that someone has shared a train system file that is smooth and the train cars not separating. Then i tried it in studio, noticed that the train is looping through the nodes which i dont need I want the train to be destroyed when its the last node. But anyway i gotta try those you suggested for me.