Smooth Terrain and filling basements (Scripting)

Hello developers! I have this big problem that I need your help with.

I want to make a basement just like this one, but with smooth terrain.

But I don’t want rounded corners like this!

Is there any way to do this.
I tried everything please help!

Unfortunately, there is no other way to go around this. Roblox called it ‘smooth terrain’ for a reason, no blocky anything, just rounded and, well, smooth.

If you’re desperate, just make those walls thicker until you cannot see the terrain and cannot see any open space between the parts and terrain. Like this:image


Thanks! I just thought about it and it doesn’t look that bad. When a player places a basement, does the holes and the walls leak through so the player can see it on the exterior of the first story. If this is unclear I will send a picture.


Oh, I see.

Just create 4 walls, each at the edges of the hole, and set the thickness to something like, idk, 4?
Whatever size works for you, you use it.