Smooth terrain corruption bug on client

Today a member of my group told me he was falling through the terrain and experienceing randomly placed terrain, I quickly chopped this up to a low end computer and smooth terrain LOD or something. Then I joined one of my games and it looked like this:

It looks like random chunks of smooth terrain were misplaced, in areas that didn’t even have that terrain type to begin with (Chunks of snow in desert areas)

I began to wonder if this was a Roblox issue or my issue. Quickly discovering this is a client issue and I don’t have any code that messes with the terrain. I ran the following code on the server to test to see if the server could see the corrupted terrain or not.

local NewPart ="Part",workspace)            
NewPart.CFrame = workspace.Widgeon.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame*,0,-10)

I saw the part fall in front of me when ran, it hit on a seemingly invisible plate, meaning the server could see the original uncorrupted flat terrain (No its not resting on that sand in the background, its floating, along with that other players truck):

Some other players ingame experienced the EXACT same terrain corruption (Blocks of terrain floating were in the same place, and holes in the ground were in the same place across all affected players)

Not all player clients ingame experienced this corruption. Here’s a players truck, whose physics ownership is set to the player not the server. As he crossed the ledge (as seen on my screen) he started floating (since there is actually terrain under him on his client):

The other players ingame who DID experience this was surprisingly high. Here’s a players truck after it fell into a corrupted hole:

This seemed to happen after joining a game later on in the servers lifetime. This happens right away when joining the server. It doesn’t just go from good to corrupted, it starts corrupted. I only have started to see this happen today and I can reproduce it fairly often. For this game it has one place for the lobby and one place for the game, and the all the players have to teleport to get from the lobby to the actual game.

You can join the game here, go into a faction if there is one.



Looking into this, we just enabled a terrain replication change.


Do you have a place id for the game itself? Having trouble navigating through the lobby :slight_smile: I’d rather look at the actual game.

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Ok, I think I know what’s going on - this would indeed only happen for some players, it depends on a set of weird conditions. I’ve disabled the offending change, in new servers everything should be working fine again. Sorry about that!


FYI: A new version of the terrain replication change (that shouldn’t have the problem anymore) has shipped; please let me know if there are any issues with the game in the new servers.