Smooth Terrain Memory Optimization

We just shipped an internal update to smooth terrain that reduces the rendering memory impact for both terrain and water by ~40%. This has no effect on voxel storage (so no effect on server memory).

Hopefully this does not result in any visual bugs - if you notice terrain missing or small gaps between chunks of terrain or anything of the sort please post a message here that includes a screenshot of the issue and the computer specs.


One tiny detail: RCC = ?

RCC = internal codename for the server

I’ve seen it a few times before in certain scripts, but it never said what it stood for or what it meant.
Nice to know.

I noticed the frame rate was better on my Lenovo Yoga 2 after doing a good sized generation. Is this relevant or is the RAM usage have no affect.

Roblox Compute Cloud.

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I had the feeling it stood for internal servers after you said “internal codename for server”.
With that in mind, your OP post is wrong, which I wanted to quote, but apparently is already fixed. (gg)

For big terrain reducing memory can improve performance as well since more data will stay resident in VRAM + vertex processing on GPU will be faster due to less cache misses. On some workloads there is no performance gain depending on the terrain and hardware.

LOD is still in progress and will provide a better solution but I wanted to ship this first since I like noticeable constant-factor improvements.


It does help for Studio servers since Studio server also generates rendering data. Basically if terrain is being rendered this helps, if it’s not (like on ROBLOX servers) then it has zero impact.

Studio seems to be freezing up a bunch more for me anytime I look at terrain (mostly in solo mode).

My fps doesn’t drop but it takes 10+ seconds for anything to respond (including the mouse)

Ok. Makes sense in the case of my Lenovo Yoga 2. It just uses integrated graphics, and Studio says it only has 140 MB or RAM.

Is this out for public release yet? Also any ETA on LOD?

Yes on desktop. No ETA on LOD - it’s underway but it’s really hard apparently.


Does smooth terrain use something like marching cubes?

The LOD system is neat.
I found an FVariable for it while I was digging around.


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