Smooth Terrain Underground Lake Feedback

After working 2-3 days straight on this build (so far) I wanted to get some feedback on how this behemoth of a build for my game. I’m trying to go for a peaceful vibe and something really pretty to look at. I had my friends @FIamework and @ChairVEV0 to help speed up the process of building this because just one person doing this would take way too long.


It looks really cool… I can’t even think of something that you could add or anything. Maybe a few diff crystal designs?

I’d say this is a pretty decent build. The lighting is pretty good, but you could add a few more things.

A few things off the bat is how empty it is. Have you thought of adding more details to the outer walls, because they seem pretty bland and dark. The crystals look really cool, but I think there needs to be some larger details, such as huge rocks sticking out of the walls and making even out of the ground as well. You could add some stone spike-like things hanging down from the ceiling to make the terrain feel more cave like.

The build over all is a 7/10.
I hope these suggestions help, have a great day :grin:

Yeah this build is like 40% finished, I’m still adding the walls atm, working underwater aswell with seaweed, small crystal and rusted metal. Rocks and stuff are on ground level, I just didn’t get good pictures of em, I already thought of adding the stalagmites into the games from the ceiling and I have models of those I made for other builds in this game. I’m also gonna add lighting to the ceiling like from my previous lake build:

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Wow, that looks a lot better already!

I think this looks amazing. Can you give us the game you put this in it will look great.

Can you give us the game you put this in it will look great.

Do you mean by sending the game link to view it? The phrasing of that sentence through me off.

Sorry about that and yes. Who else hates the word limit?

Ohhh ok, yeah sure here
(it’s currently friends only but since I’m posting it here, i’ll make it open for Everyone temporarily, I need to fix some features for the lake, if you don’t teleport going down into the cave, just rejoin or wait for like 5 seconds

also yeah if you’re talking about the minimum limit, it’s annoying.