Smooth Terrain vs. Part Terrain, Which Should I Use?

Hey all! I finally got into the Devforums, this is my first topic!
I know there have been similar topics, but my game is different. I am torn between part and smooth terrain. Part terrain is laggy and takes longer, but looks cleaner and sometimes more cartoony. Smooth terrain is less laggy, easier to make, more natural, but harder to make good angles/build on. My game is where you are a tornado and destroy stuff. I’m working on the fall update, where it would be easier to use smooth terrain, but on the other hand, part terrain is nice and clean. Please help! Here’s a link to the place.


You should put the type of game in this post for the people who do not want to go and click on your game. (like me)

Information I want to know:

What type of game is this? (RPG, FPS, Simulator, etc.)

What theme is your type of game? (Cartoony, WW2, etc.)

It’s a simulator game, and the theme is cartoony. I’m looking in to making a more natural theme, which is where this post comes in.

Ok, I looked at your game.

I think a Cartoon style would look the best using meshs and parts.

I would say that part terrain is your best bet in this case.

Thx, I’ll keep this post open in case anyone else wants to give me feedback.

If you’re doing any kind of destruction of terrain, you’re going to have a really hard time with smooth terrain. It is, however, very well optimised (when not intended change dynamically) compared to part terrain.

If you’re looking to make this perfect and difficulty is not an issue, the best option would likely be smooth terrain with a custom destruction system which removes a block of smooth terrain, replaces it with part terrain, and then simulates destruction on this part terrain dynamically as the tornado makes it’s way through the map. This way you still get the benefits of LOD and other optimisations smooth terrain provides, but you’re not stuck figuring out a way to simulate smooth terrain destruction realistically.

Otherwise if you don’t have the time, expertise or resources for that: if you need destruction of terrain, use part terrain. If you don’t, the performance and ease of creating smooth terrain probably make it your best bet. Good luck!


I’m not destroying terrain, it loads in a map made with parts when the game starts.