Smooth zoom & poppercam are coming


Is it not live currently? Jailbreak players are reporting that other characters in their vehicle is blocking their camera from zooming out and it wasn’t an issue before.


New poppercam is not enabled right now.
We discovered an issue that pushed release back approx one week. I’ll keep this post updated as we get a better idea of when we can turn this on, but 11/15 is the new tentative release date (barring any further issues that we might find during the normal QA process).

This is an issue with the old poppercam. Fix will be out mid next week.


One day away! Is it ready?


:drum: drum roll :drum:


Cue crysis 2 theme



:thinking: Is smooth cam here yet?


Not yet, will let you know when it’s on.


I have a game that has a spectate camera. The spectate camera likes to stutter in an out. It sounds similar to Asimo’s issue with being in a friends car. Will this be fixed with this release?


This is now live.
We currently have a known issue where certain places that forked an old version of the script may experience camera issues. Please let me know if you encounter this so I can turn it off for your game.

EDIT: We’ve discovered an issue on iOS+Android and have turned this off for now.


Sounds like it, yeah.


Any update?


When can we expect it to drop?


Rough conservative estimate is we’ll try again in about two weeks.


Any update on the release now that it has been 2 weeks?


Going through some final testing right now - expecting to turn this on on Thursday.


Absolutely in love with this.


Getting a lot of jittering in my game when moving the camera against the stationary border walls. They’re transparency 0 with BlockMeshes inside them with a scale of 0,0,0 (so they’re invisible but still block the camera). Since recently it pops in and out like crazy when rotating the camera against them.


Curious if there are any plans or considerations for smoother movements of the camera when pivoting via the right click?


As you all noticed, it’s live! Please let us know if you run into any issues.

As always, unfork your camera scripts if you want to recieve these improvements.


Can you get a repro?