Smooth zoom & poppercam are coming

Here I am sticking the camera through a 0 transparency part with a 0,0,0 scale BlockMesh & a 1 transparency part in this game. Both are CanCollide. With the previous system you weren’t able to zoom it through either.

I’m trying to get a repro but I have no idea what’s happening, and I can’t seem to get it to work in a baseplate place. I’ll DM you if I figure it out.


Setting CameraMode at runtime on Baldi’s Basics no longer works and it seems to be driving a lot of players away. Step on the green students button–students should be in first person. They aren’t. I can’t reproduce this on an empty baseplate. Again, this seems to be driving players away and I can’t seem to fix it. :cold_sweat:

EDIT: In the mean time, we’re forking the old camera scripts.