Smoothly replicating ragdoll force

I’m currently working on a project that involves ragdolls. I’m experiencing a noticeable, and unsatisfying delay when the player dies and ragdolls, I’ve tried applying a force using BodyForce and directly applying velocity to the UpperTorso, and I’ve also tried multiple open source ragdoll modules.

Would anyone that is experienced with ragdolls know to properly replicate a character ragdoll with a force when it dies? I’d appreciate the help.

Example of it here:



After the player dies and becomes a ragdoll, are you setting the ragdoll’s network ownership to the server?

I’ve tried setting the network ownership to the client and the client applies the force and also tried setting the network ownership to server

This might be a bit complicated, but what I would do for super smooth ragdolls is do it clientside and have a part on the server that represents the origin position of the ragdoll and tween the ragdoll’s torso/root part on the client towards that origin point in the server.

Consider a disabled VectorForce that the client enables on death. If physics replication and instances work the way I think they do, the client enabling the VectorForce should spawn the force on the character. With the client having implicit network ownership of their characters, the force should replicate as intended.

Just one thing that may be an issue: exploiters enabling this before death and thus creating a movement exploit.