Snackzy | Interview Guide

Salutations welcome to the Snackzy Interview Guide!

“Imagine Eating Delicious Snack”.

Finally, this guide has been created by the Ownership Team and discussed by me!

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Interview Rules:

[1] Be respectful to people! We aren’t tolerated, disrespectful people!

[2] Grammar is required inside and outside interviews at all times! Mistake to use grammar will result in failed! (We allow safe chats)!

[3] You will have 5 questions within 1 minute or 60 seconds to answer the question! Exceeding this limit will result in grammar mistakes for that question!

[4] Remain seated while waiting for your interview! If you refusing to sit you will get removed from the server or failed!

[5] Make sure to listen to Host/Co-Host! It makes you help you passed!

[6] Be professional, and still, keep your grammar! Failed using grammar will result’s in demoted!

[7] We don’t tolerate troll people’s! Make sure to report stroller in dizzy, or report them in staff in-game!

[8] We’ll give you chance to AFK in walls! Make sure to ask permission!

Interview Information:
We are not tolerated who are unprofessional! If you are being unprofessional, you will result in demotion! Make sure to interview the interviewees! Listen to Host and Co!
If they passed, make sure to call promoter! Don’t PM promoter! Remember, don’t PM promoter! Just go to the promoter place!

The promoter must stand in front doors open! Make sure to ask permission to stand in!

[1] Why you want to work in Snackzy?

[2] How you benefit us?

[3] Please correct the following sentence. “i cxme 2 these’s inteciwew so I can wrk’s at snackzy.”

[4] Where do you see your future in Snackzy?

[5] What are some unique characteristics you possess?


Approved by, Snackzy SHR Team+.