Snap beta features, issue/annoyance

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Hello, I’m making this post a bit out of frustration about the new snapping tools that’s in beta right now. Overall I like the features and find it useful HOWEVER, when snapping is off or the move/rotate increment is unchecked its really annoying when trying to resize parts and you get those white snap points shown in the picture below.

this makes it difficult to make small size changes etc as it snaps to it and you can’t smoothly resize or move to desired and or line somethings up, If when snapping is off it would be nice if they would also be off so you don’t have this issue.

does this hinder anyone else and if so how do you work around this while keeping this snapping stuff enabled. there should be better toggles that you can toggle what you want enabled/not enabled, also as well shift used to move parts in a way, but now it enables snapping.
It doesn’t snap to the point if you go really close to the object, but still, shouldn’t have to do that.

If this is in the wrong category I apologize but I feel this needs to be addressed as its effecting the way I build stuff at times, I wouldn’t consider it a Bug. I know I can turn off the beta feature but like I said its useful. Please don’t close this post, instead let me know if somethings wrong and move it to where it may be better, thanks.

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It’s really annoying I know what you mean.

I’m probably doing it the hardest way and there’s most likely an easier alternative but play around with that 1.04 value, it will move it L<->R and you can pretty much put it wherever you want. Again, probably a hard way but I haven’t found an alternative yet.

The snapping feature is a really nice feature, however there are times and places where its convenient, and times where it is a complete pain.

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