Snap To Grid Textbox Places Text Cursor In Wrong Position

When entering a decimal value into the Snap to Grid textbox that does not start with 0, the cursor moves to the front of the first digit typed. This leads to incorrect inputs from what the user has actually typed. For instance, if I type “.123”, it will be formatted as “.231”.


  1. Select either the Rotate or Move textbox in Snap to Grid
  2. Enter a value starting with a decimal e.g. “.5”
  3. Observe that the cursor moves to the left side of the 5 instead of the right

Beta Features
3D Import gLTF Support, Advanced Explorer Filtering, AI-Powered Code Completion, CSG Version 3, Explorer Services Cleanup, Face Capture, IKControl Joint Constraint Support, Live Animation Creator, Material Generator, Multi-Cursor Script Editing, New Character Controller, New Text Chat Service, Notched Screen Support, Save Rig With Animation, Scale Factor For Models, Selection Improvements, Team Create Connection Indicator Rework, Upgrade Shorelines

System Information
Intel i7 @ 2.50 GHz, 16.0 GB, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1160


Thanks for the report! We would appreciate if you could provide a video showcasing the issue.


@tnavarts is there still a fix pending for this week?


There is indeed. Hang tight for me to enable it tomorrow after the Studio release.


Has there been another shortcoming? This issue is still present.

Me typing .025

Studio version 576.0.5760523, in case my version is outdated

@VGVC2 was able to provide a video demonstrating the issue.

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Yeah I can repro. It looks like there’s still issues with >2 decimal places @tnavarts


The fix failed again this week for a yet another different reason (It broke snapping in the Transform tool this time) so it’s going to be another two weeks before we can try to turn on the next revision of the fix.

Really sorry it’s taking so long to get a fix for this turned on. This time I split the fix up into multiple flags so we can definitely get the fix for the bad text input turned on even if something goes wrong with the other parts.


The efforts are very well appreciated, it’s much better than not getting any updates and information about complications!


No problem at all, it’s appreciated that we’re receiving updates regarding the situation. Take as long as necessary, all is well! :]

I can confirm all issues should be fixed. Thanks again for the report!