Snow cabin on a mountain

Hello! This is just a quick build, but I want to hear your opinions and suggestions. Thanks!

A video (Maybe this could help you relax I don’t really know)
robloxapp-20220131-1627561.wmv (2.8 MB)


I think making good use of lighting would make this 9x10^1337 times better. Effectively using shadows can allow you to obscure less detailed areas and create a specific point of focus for the viewer. I would also recommend using custom particle effects for the fire, as the stock particles can be a little dated in newer environments and allows you to better control the fire.


this building looks great, good work
one thing that’s throwing me off though is the material of the couch. maybe it needs a more subtle texture that’s kind of grainy like this:
also if you’re able to, i would make the snow a little more visible
i think the atmosphere needs a darker, dim lighting with a slight orange hue aswell
otherwise it looks amazing, keep it up


Hello! First of all, this looks great! I recommend adding some other furniture to the interior, like a little table in between the chairs with some books or something.

this is really cool! :+1: but why is there a campfire in a wooden house? ._.
maybe you could change it into a fireplace

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