Snowball Battle Simulator - Update log

Version 0.0.3

  • Added New Menu Screen,
  • Added Saving System,
  • Added XP and Currency system which can be used to purchase powerups,
  • Fixed Bugs.

Previous Updates

Version 0.0.2
  • Added Advanced Snowball throwing mechanics,
  • Added Camera Shake Effects,
  • Added “Menu Camera”,
  • Added Hitbox,
  • Added Basic Random Spawn System for the first map (Plan to remove)
  • Added First Powerups (Snowman armour, Super-Slam, Rapid-Snowballs and Explosive-Snowballs).
Version 0.0.1
  • Added Base Snowball throwing mechanic
  • Added First map (Snow Fortress)
  • Added Game Background Music
  • Added “Deploy” Button
  • Added Basic Sound Effects
  • Added Hit results