Snowskateer - Programmer & Asset Modeler

Hi there! I’m Snowskateer, an 18 year old programmer from Scotland who dabbles in a bit of modeling. I excel at modeling fantasy creatures, although I do enjoy modelling other things as well, such as weapons and equipment. In terms of programming, I have been practicing for around 6 years, although I never really took it seriously until around 3 years ago. I do believe I’ve got myself to a good enough standard to where I can stand and proudly present my work.


SUNK (unreleased)

IMG_20210728_213645 IMG_20210728_213621
(A base constructed using the in-game base builder)

Dimension Duels X




I've also been meddling with some terrain generation, here's a few screenshots

Prices start at 2500 Robux for small assets.
I take both USD and Robux.
Price is negotiable, and depends on the scale of the asset or project.

You can find me on:
Twitter: @SnowskateerRBLX
Discord: Snowskateer#2316
You can also DM on the DevForum.

Thanks for reading.

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