Snox Studios: Rules

To keep our server neat and beautiful, we have drawn up regulations that everyone must adhere to! If you violate any of the rules below, sanctions may be imposed.

:bell:1. General
1 - Do not use IP loggers.
2 - No advertising, this also applies to DM.
3 - It is not allowed to swear at each other.
4 - Spamming is not allowed.
5 - Leaking is not allowed.
6 - Be polite to each other, do not bully or threaten.
7 - NSFW content is prohibited.
8 - A moderator or higher has the right to sanction you if necessary.
9 - If you have a complaint, please create a ticket, do not resolve it through a general channel.
10 - You use the channels for which they were made.
11 - Do not send inappropriate files and/or photos.
12 - You listen to an employee at all times.
13 - Swearing about diseases is prohibited. (Automatic timeout, if banned multiple times)

:loud_sound: 2. Voice
1 - Voice changers are prohibited.
2 - Earrape is prohibited.
3 - Swearing about diseases is prohibited.
4 - Swearing at each other is not allowed.
5 - Be polite to each other, do not bully or threaten, this may trigger a warning.

:tada: 3. Giveaway
1 - You only participate with 1 account, if we discover that you participate with more than 1 account, the competition will go to someone.
2 - You can’t win for someone else. So only for yourself.

:moneybag: 4. Salary
1 - We have the right to withhold salaries for certain positions in the event of serious violations of the rules, leaks, etc.

:information_source: The rules are subject to change at any time. So keep a close eye on this. Last modified on 10-01-2024.

:warning: By joining our server you automatically agree to the rules. If our rules are violated, an employee will impose a sanction, the sanction depends on which violation you commit.

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