So, Advertising

Hey there,

I’m Mithrandir6440, and I run a small game development studio, Wizardry Games. A few weeks ago, Wizardry Studio’s first official game, Castle Tycoon was released.

I began to advertise it, beginning at first with the ‘Build your own Castle’ ad below. I bid 350 Robux, and got a relatively good CTR of 1.59%. I even was able to stick around for a while and play my game with other players that clicked on the ad. However, no concurrent players stuck around, and no developer products were bought, nor did I get any premium playtime.

So 350 Robux had effectively gone down the drain, and I decided to add an in-game event where everyone received 1000 free gold upon playing. I put this in an ad (below), and started advertising. The ad only has a few hours left to run, and so far the CTR is horrible at 0.22%.

I’m getting visits (between these two ads I’ve gotten nearly 80), but I don’t know how to keep players playing. People don’t want to play a game in an empty server, so most of them just leave before someone else can join them.

Meanwhile, the game that’s running under this ad has 20 people playing!

I have enough Robux to keep advertising like this, but I would like to know

  • What am I doing wrong?

  • How does that ad get its game more players than mine does?

There also might be a problem with the game itself (like its bad at player retention), and if you have any thoughts on that, I would love to here them too.

Hope you all are having a good day, and thanks for any help you might have :slight_smile:.


It is all about first impressions, you need to blow them away the first time they see the ad, and especially, especially when you start the game, you need to have a solid, exciting intro. As regards to retention, it can sometimes be very hard with tycoon games, because a lot of times it is just the same old thing, droppers, more stuff, droppers etc, add something no one would think you would normally have in a tycoon, it is medieval themed, so maybe you can like an arena mini game sort of thing, go crazy!

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Same with me, I tried to make a enthusiastic add and I got like 10,000+ Impressions, but barely new players and then adds like those get so much people joining groups or playing, it ridiculous

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Played the game and I have to say, I would suggest adding some activities to do when you’re waiting for cash, in my opinion it gets pretty boring just standing there and waiting. I have to say also, nice music! Did you make this yourself?

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Thank you for your help everyone!

Yes, i made the entire game and the soundtrack myself.