So far, I had this idea in my head for a JoJo-type game

I had idea about JoJo type game, Sounds boring, but listen further.

I had idea about card game that will be stand abilitys replaced.
So using a arrow will grant you a stand that will have from 1-5 abilitys.
Abilitys will have 6 tiers, and there will be a TON of them.
The battles will be scripted like in JoJo: Diamond Records.

Well, Not sure if idea value it. But if you are scripter, Modeler or GXF that wants to help, maybe investor, you can organize this ideas.

Thanks for reading.


I’m personally a fan of Jojo myself, and I have played my fair share of Jojo games. Card games are never used, the only reference to cards themselves are tarot cards. It’s unique but there’s a ton of Jojo games out there to the point you could call Jojo games a category, so at the same time, it’s unoriginal.
I’d like to agree this is a good idea but there’s too many Jojo games I’m not sure it’ll be very popular.


This is my first reply and i hope you success with your game!