So here is a commission I did. Opinions?

So hey fellow devs! This is a commission I made for a 1k group, currently continuing. I came here to show off my little work and ask for feedback. This whole build took around 5 days of 1-1,5 hour sessions. Any opinions, my dear people of DevForum?

Please note I suck at making screenshots and I apologize if the quality is bad/poor.
Anyways, I hope y’all are doing OK during the pandemic and don’t get caught in the storm.

Stay safe,
John | j_veu


Pretty awesome! Looks like a software company with all the bright colors and abstract shapes. I like it!


Looks pretty good, can’t think of anything to improve it. Maybe some terrain outside?

Haha, thanks for bringing that out with the accenting. It actually is a restaurant in the making, and I guess I’ll finish it and sell it in my building services company. Anyways, thanks for feedback!

There was no room to do terrain since the commission got put on hold so quickly-
I guess I will make some terrain and finish this building in the nearest weeks.

Looks great. You should see if you can sell it to someone else, I don’t know how much builds are worth in Studio but that has to be worth at least :robux_gold: 2000.

@GamersInternational I do plan on selling it if the owner doesn’t come back. I actually made this as a part of a commission worth 50k R$ (but this is only like 20% done, not including detail).

Nice build! If you were to improve it at all I’d recommend toning down the part count and color on the ceiling.

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everything is great and on point besides for the ceiling. Theres way to much stuff on it, try removing the pattern stuff in between the red stripes. Overall I think its a good build though.

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I like it, it really shows off your style. It feels simplistic without feeling like it’s make by a beginner. The only thing I can suggest is possibly changing the chairs to plastic instead of what i’m guessing is smooth plastic.

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This looks amazing; the choice of vibrant colors is excellent.


Amazing, just amazing.

I love the vibrant colors and the low poly style of build. I love it.

Keep up the good work!

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