So i cant link my yt to my profile when i do it says url is not valid

so got a question i try and link my yt channel to my profile and it says invalid url i have not changed anything can someone kinda point me in the right direction please thank you in advanced ive even removed the @ and it wont work still so idk what im doing wrong


If you go to “YouTube Studio”, then go to “Customization” and then “Basic Info”, there should be a section that says “Channel URL”. Copy that and see how that works.

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nope still dont work just tried it others have said that what has happend is that since yt has changed there links and stuff so for example for roblox we can link our discords,guilded but for yt they removed the links on profiles so could be that might be a issue idk tho

Have you tried this:

that would not work becuse of this

which states as the example that is shown so where would you put the c at if its users then roblox at the end of it?

I had the same problem, I still can’t fix it please help.

It’s a Roblox bug. Not sure when they will fix it.

Alright thanks! I hope they fix it soon.

hopefully they do but from a few vids ive watched they say this here with yt doing this

as in yt moved away from the linking things as say for example linking things to a video and stuff like that supposably what i understand is that they may have changed the url and now roblox says its invalid and not up to date with what yt has changed to be able to pair those 2 together thats just the info i took from all this and few things ive looked at