So i created a retro-style billboard

While looking through classic Roblox billboards, i got inspired and decided to create a billboard of a simillar style:

Tools used: Roblox Studio,
Don’t bash at me too hard for using, since i was going for MS paint (without actually using it) vibe and is basically that 2.0


Lol this is great. Whos phone number is that though lol

It’s a hidden message that somebody smart enough will decipher.
Edit: No spoilers.

:0 is it a rickroll lol???

This retro-style billboard looks great! Nice job on it!

It looks decent, to be honest.

cracked it :D.
most possible answer: roblox bus not scam

anyway, i wasn’t around in that time period but this i’d be convinced if you told me this was actually used in 2013.