So I got scammed, no surprise

Not to long ago I got scammed while I was making a trading system, luckily enough I have the entire project. Its a clicker simulator which I assume they yoinked from somewhere. So anyhow I have no point of using it but if anyone needs to learn how some good simulators are made and wants a trading system, here!

Trade test - Roblox , enjoy lol.
Also note the trade system acts really weird. Any feedback on the tradesystem would be nice so I can learn!


what are we supposted to do about it

Deal with it I guess, as its been proven Roblox report system like never works soooo cant do much.
Just look out for sus people, pay half first, the other half after, take millions of screenshots, and trick the person who scammed you into admitting it (yes I did that, I know that is so cool, thank you thank you)
No matter what we do, getting scammed is gonna happen, sometimes just dealing with it is the best thing to do.

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From what I’ve seen, I think you want to reduce the chances of someone being scammed in your game, I recommend more experienced users or people who are already in the world ahead to be able to trade and add “Trade Logs” like Pet Simulator X.

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I think the point of the post was that they got scammed and turned it into something positive for people who are trying to make a trading system


Oh I was talking about getting scammed in a commission for this trade system but thanks!

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Oh in commissions, only work with users with non-suspicious profiles, type with verified badge. I think this can work but make a “Contract” in roblox messages, so he can’t delete and there is the proof.

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Im pretty sure most contracts will require someones legal name and stuff and most roblox kids dont want to give that out (me included). But the verified badge is a good idea (if by that you mean the email verify badge then yes!)

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I don’t think you need that, just make a understandble contract, that should help roblox staff decision (i hope)


rip :sleepy: getting scammed sucks so bad


At least I got them to admit it and get them banned from where they scammed me


Then why are you uncopylocking a such a good game !?

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Well it was their game to begin with (which I could’ve sworn they used some kind of template), all I made was the trading system, and sense I have no use for the copy of their project I thought I’ll let anyone use it! Plus then I get some revenge lol

Thanks chatGPT. Write me a poem about licking salt lamps.

HA, karma is a thing and i guess they found out :rofl: :rofl:

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wat do you mean i didnt used chatgpt

Theres something called “Translator” :wink:
i wanted to make clear what i mean